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Member Advisory Council Float at
Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade Saturday, June 1

Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade CareOregon FloatSaturday Night CareOregon’s Member Advisory Council hosted a float in the Starlight Parade (Tamara Pedrojetti from CareOregon’s Member Centricity Team was the power behind it).  This is the first time we have done something like this.  And what transpired was much more than any of us expected.

As our float moved along the parade route we received an outburst of community support far beyond words.

At points people screamed “we love you CareOregon”.  People approached us with stories of “how CareOregon changed their life”.  Several times we had groups of people stand and cheer.   It was actually a little surreal.
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Meet Arunima Menon
Arunima joined CareOregon's staff at the end of March as a Human Resources administrative specialist.

Kashmir Window - Photo by Arunima Menon
Her career began in marketing for The Times of India Group, the country's foremost newspaper giant. That was followed by a position in corporate communications with Jet Airways, India's premier private airline. Arunima then married and relocated to the United States where she has held positions with E*Trade ATM, Starbucks Coffee and Planar Systems.

You can look forward in the coming weeks to Arunima's story of her trip to Kashmir last year.

Arunima is a regular contributor to a couple of online magazines, writing articles on many subjects including Indian culture and travel, nostalgia and music. Please visit the links below to read some of her articles.

Rajeswari Padmanabhan – Wife, Mother, Legend -A Tribute

Bombay! Arise, Awake India!

Mr. Menon's Cooker

Please pass along your children’s books

For children in poverty, one the biggest obstacles to literacy development is the scarcity of books in the home.

CareOregon, with other community partners of the Ready For Kindergarten Collaborative, are conducting a book drive to support the work of The Children’s Book Bank.

Books from this drive will be designated for children enrolled in the Early Kindergarten Transition Program at SUN Community Schools this summer (http://web.multco.us/sun/sun-community-schools). Eight of the 45 elementary or K-8 SUN Community schools are first year priority neighborhoods/schools for the collaborative. The vast majorityof children at these schools are living in poverty (79% - 91%), are students of color (54% - 86%) or are English learners (16% - 58%).

Make a difference in the life of a child by giving your outgrown books a new home!
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Please join us for the screening
of the powerful HBO film "American Winter"

315 SW Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor
Portland, OR 97204
To learn more please visit: http://www.americanwinterfilm.com

What does 'Well-Being' mean to you?
Floyd McCorvey
CareOregon Member Advisory Council

Not everyone from a big city is meant to thrive in the great Pacific Northwest.

But Floyd is.

He grew up amid the asphalt streets and ethnically distinct neighborhoods of Chicago’s West Side.

“Then I came here,” Floyd says. “I saw these hills and mountains and thought I was 10 years younger.”
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Oregon's Health CO-OP has a new blog ...
Oregon's Health CO-OP now has a blog. Check it out!

Member Advisory Council makes CareOregon better

Council members attend national conference
CareOregon's Member Advisory Council (MAC) was represented at the recent Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care Conference, held in Annapolis, Maryland. The conference focused on creating effective partnerships between patients, consumers, families and health care professionals by using the power of personal stories to transform care delivery.
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First Place
Salsa Verde

Stephanie Hayes' Salsa Verde won first prize at this year's competition. She has graciously agreed to share her recipe with us.

This year's salsa contest raised $466 for the Brain Tumor Society. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this year's contest a success.

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What does 'Well-Being'
mean to you?

This is the question that our Communications Department has asked members and providers from all over the state during the past several months. Our goal?  To help identify what members and their communities really need to ensure health.  

CareOregon is using a variety of tools to help determine how we can expand community support. Storytelling is just one of them.
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Meet Jessica Kotter

Jessica Kotter has had to endure intense pain for most of her life as a result of a congenital deformity of her right leg and hip. The disorder, known as PFFD, is the result of her femur and pelvis being underdeveloped in the womb and growing at only half the rate of her unaffected left leg.
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